The band is booked

Now that enough interest has been shown, how do I take this to the next step?

  1. I could form my own mariachi band
  2. I could sign a long-term deal with an existing band
  3. I could hire a professional band for a few hours to see if it actually works before making a substantial commitment

Of course, having read my last post about how MVPs work, you know that the last option is the best one to take. So I have agreed a 4-hour stint with a professional band from London (Mariachi Jalisco) around lunchtime on 27 July.

I haven’t started to choose which teams we are going to visit, so please sign up to our mailing list if you want to be in with a chance. I’d like to get a variety of locations (from big corporation to trendy design studios) and will be choosing our route in early July.

Hacia adelante!

The band: Mariachi Jalisco

The band: Mariachi Jalisco