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London, UK: In an attempt to establish whether an on-demand mariachi band is a viable business idea, dial-a-mariachi will be taking a four-piece band into offices around London on Wednesday 27 July 2016.

Dial-a-Mariachi is simple:

  1. Order the band online
  2. Band arrives at your office dressed in full, traditional Mexican mariachi outfits
  3. Band plays a few bars of the Mexican Hat Dance
  4. Band leaves and the team goes back to work

We Brits aren’t very good at public displays of appreciation or recognition (like congratulating the team for the release of a new product, closing a new client, or hitting a minor milestone). Therefore, we have set up dial-a-mariachi so you can ‘outsource’ your declarations of happiness without the awkwardness of having to show your feelings.

David Lowe, owner of Scrum & Kanban Limited which is funding dial-a-mariachi, is an agile coach and trainer. He used the concept of dial-a-mariachi as a fun way to explain how agile companies validate whether or not a new business venture is viable. “Dial-a-mariachi was a fictitious business concept I used to explain how many successful start-ups are created nowadays. It is bonkers and I never meant for it to become a reality. Now I’m accompanying a four-piece Mariachi band around London offices. A truly bizarre experience, but loads of fun!”

The first outing of dial-a-mariachi will be in London on Wednesday 27 July 2016 from 11:00 to 15:00. Please let us know if you would like us to supply photos or videos – or if you would like us to visit your office with the band!

Contact details:

David Lowe

Scrum & Kanban Limited

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  • This is a hilarious article and such an awesome idea! Many of us are no strangers to the films where a mariachi band posts up outside a girl’s window in order for her knight in shining armor, or nerd in reflective spectacles, to swoon her and capture her heart. What a great and humorous way to show appreciation!

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